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 Our Moto – Police Lines School and College, Rangpur
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Our Moto

Motto :

Our mission is to build up our educational institution where knowledge, skill and values are given prior consideration in lieu of only examination result oriented education. Education we know has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical ability of an individual. The teaching of 21st century emphasizes on substantial use of technology. We, in PLSCR are aiming to impart education in this direction so that we can build up our future generation to meet the challenge of a highly competitive world of the 21st century.
Conclusion: We, on behalf of all the members of the teaching staff, employees and the members of the governing body of PLSCR extend our grateful thanks and deepest appreciation to all officials and other members of the Police Department who were associated with the building of the institution right from its formative period until now and also to those great souls, the education loving people who stood by PLSCR when their support was really needed.

Aims and Objectives:

* Opportunities to study in this renowned institution are open for the children of police personnel in Rangpur including the meritorious children of all the citizens of every walk.
* To achieve the qualities of good citizens,
* To enliven the learners with patriotism, social value and the idea of liberation war.
* To instill the motto “we want enlightened people”-(Amra alokito Manush chai) into the learners,
* To widen Global knowledge apart from the knowledge included in the syllabus,
* To impart knowledge about modern Information and Communication Technology to the learners,
* To develop the latent talent hidden in the learners through the rendition of class lessons in a sincere and friendly atmosphere.

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